Ava McGee Is One Friggin’ Cute Baby
By Stephanie Wei under General

Annika Sorenstam is doing a fantastic job keeping fans updated with her newborn baby girl, Ava. She posted a slideshow of pics from the hospital and Ava’s “first blog” on Wednesday night:

Hi everyone.  This is Ava writing my first blog.  I came into this world yesterday, which was 18 days ahead of schedule.  I feel fine, and the folks in funny suits that come in to see me keep telling my parents that everything is great. Whatever that means.

I assume Mama is doing well.  Though I’ll have to take Dad’s word for it because he says she has a high pain tolerance and never complains anyways.  Mama tells me that we have a lot of great friends out there who have been extremely supportive. Some of you even approved of my name in a poll a couple weeks ago.  I figured I would thank all of you and send you some photos from my first day of life.

I know it’s only natural that we ogle over babies and gush about how adorable they are (even when that’s not always the case). But seriously, Ava is incredibly cute. Just look at that expression on her face! It’s like she’s thinking, “Who the hell are you?” or “WTF are you doing?” Whatever it is, I can’t help but say, “Awww.”