By Stephanie Wei under General

Well, I’ve got two words for you, and they’re not “you’re away.” Get real! If Tiger wants to go ballistic and wax scatological, let him.

Jim Frank on Tiger Woods’ on-course antics

Co-signed. This is not to say “Tiger can do whatever he wants because he’s Tiger.” Rather, he shows emotion and it’s more interesting to watch than, say, Lucas Glover and Vijay Singh.

Frank also has a fantastic rebuttal to the “Tiger is a role model and should be setting a better example for children.” The F-bombs are probably nothing kids haven’t heard from Dad before, or for that matter, others on the golf course. Let’s be real — if you’ve never uttered a curse word after hitting a poor shot, then you’re lying…or you’re a saint and better person than 99% of us.

Not to mention it’s the responsibility of parents to teach their kids what’s right from wrong. If children are more influenced by an athlete’s behavior, then it’s the parenting that should be questioned. Tiger’s fire and drive (along with everything else he does on and off the course) speak louder than his club throws.

Just read the article.