The Dumbest Golf Feud Ever
By Stephanie Wei under General

Has anyone noticed Anthony Kim hasn’t been sporting his signature blinged-out “AK” belt recently? Perhaps it was weighing him down. Or maybe…he feels outshined by Bubba Watson’s real diamond-encrusted belt. Catfight!

Last fall Bubba unveiled his pink sapphire and black diamond “Bubba” buckle, which was made by his friend, jeweler Robert Kaylor. It’s valued at $25,000. AK’s is designed by Elevee and the gems are merely crystals.

In an interview with Golf Digest, Bubba said, “Anthony Kim’s got nothing on me. This is the real deal.”

For those who know Bubba, he’s a bit of a goofball and was clearly joking. But apparently AK was miffed. Now, according to sources, he won’t even acknowledge Bubba after that statement. In other words, AK is acting like a teenage girl whose friend showed up to school with a cooler outfit than hers.

But Bubba isn’t bothered by AK’s bratty behavior. Instead he continues to chat with AK and his entourage, including lunches with AK’s girlfriend and manager.

Meanwhile, AK sulks in the corner.

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