By Stephanie Wei under General

Y.E. Yang’s Approach Shot on the 72nd Hole

It was mind-blowing! Talk about gutsy. Yang hit a 3 hybrid OVER the trees, against the wind to a tucked back left pin, and managed to land it softly to about 10 feet.

Dare I say it was the best approach shot into 18 in recent history? Yes, I am.

I’ve heard it compared to Shaun Micheel’s approach when he practically holed it on the 18th hole to win the 2003 PGA Championship — certainly an incredible shot. But, it’s got nothing on Yang’s — considering the circumstances, who he was playing with and battling against, and the sheer difficulty of the shot. Sorry Micheel, Tiger wasn’t anywhere near being in contention, and beating out Chad Campbell? Please.

Both executed their shots amazingly well under major championship pressure, but Micheel didn’t have Tiger lurking or the windy conditions or a 3 hybrid in his hands. Yang could have easily pulled a choke job — like many of his contemporaries have done «coughPhilMickelsoncoughRoccoMediatecough».

I was floored when I saw it. I thought, holy crap, is he serious? When the ball came to rest, I jumped off the couch, threw my arms in the air, and even let out a big “Hooray” (or something like that) — now I don’t usually get that excited about a golf shot. And if I do, it’s usually Tiger knocking in a 20 footer for the win or Tom Watson’s run at the British Open.

Can anyone think of one more impressive? Drop your thoughts below.