Just Call Him Johnny Drama
By Stephanie Wei under General

Drama has followed John Daly throughout his career, both on and off the course. Alcoholism. Trouble with the law. Gambling debts. Failed (and sometimes violent) marriages. Lawsuits. Injuries. Health problems. But it hasn’t all been bad — he’s won two majors, the ‘91 PGA Championship and ‘95 British Open. He’s also given back to the community with his generous donations to charities. Plus, he’s funny, entertaining and genuinely seems like a good guy.

Considering his tumultuous past, it was uncertain which John Daly we’d see when he returned to the Tour after serving an eight-month suspension. For a while, it appeared like he was in fact a reformed man. He was sober and thinner — thanks to Lap-Band surgery. He was playing pretty well and sounded happy.

Perhaps we spoke too soon.

Recently his pants are the brightest thing he has going — like the purple paisley ones he wore yesterday, which (groaner alert) the commentators dubbed “paizeltine.” He withdrew from the PGA Championship after shooting 78 in the first round. He explained via Twitter, “Flash camera back injury from 3 yrs ago still haunting me—pain is just unbearable making it tough to play—stretch all day thru the round.”

Then he shared a song that he wrote, “Lost Souls,” which expresses his “true emotions.” Like the title, the lyrics are rather depressing. (Hmm…maybe he’s trying to tell us something.) To be honest, it was decent, especially for a “rough, rough copy.” Take a listen here.

At the Buick Open, he fired 88 in the second round. His swing coach blamed it on the sudden drop in weight — Daly’s lost 80 lbs — over the past 8 months, which has negatively impacted his feel and confidence. He hasn’t been eating or sleeping either.

Only a few days later, he went to Portland to play in a Pro-Am. At the press conference he was asked what he’d do if weren’t a professional golfer. Daly replied, “There really isn’t anything else I think I can do unless I lose 50 pounds and do porn.

Now, as we’ve heard, he can add pop star to the list.