Golf Is Gold for 2016 Olympics
By Stephanie Wei under General

Well, almost. The International Olympic Committee recommended golf (along with rugby) to be included in the 2016 Olympics. It’s about time. The decision will be finalized in Denmark on October 9. In other words, it’s a go.

Today’s verdict wasn’t a huge surprise. I mean, one of the other sports considered was roller sports. Not to mention BMX and handball are already in the Olympics.

Golf is a global sport where you have multiple countries with athletes who would be competitive; whereas with sports like hockey, soccer and basketball, it’s the same countries medaling every time. And sure, golf has four major championships and various organizations that hold international tournaments, but so do those others.

Tiger has supported the bid from the start. He even personally wrote a 32 page prospectus to the Olympic board. His word still means something. (Apparently even the PGA Tour is scared of him!) Plus, he needs a gold medal to solidify his otherwise illustrious career.

Here’s hoping they let him pipe a drive into the Olympic torch at the Opening Ceremony.

[Photo by David Cannon/Getty Images]