By Stephanie Wei under General

Camilo Villegas finally caught the Twitter bug — perhaps his buddy Poults had something to do with it. Camilo took the photo above that was taken on the private jet that he, Poults and Justin Rose took together to Hazeltine. And it appears there’s no privacy once you get on the plane…He tweeted it with the caption:

Hey Poults… You can get a better view of Justin in this one.. Not tgat u want to though.. Close that door!!!!

ROTFL. Kinda. He posted it three minutes after Poults tweeted a pic with this:

Justin put it away, can’t you shut the door when doing your business…..

The pic was taken down along with this infamous one. Looks like Camilo wasn’t reprimanded or he just doesn’t have enough followers yet. Now I wonder what would the Tour, I mean uptight tweeps, have to say about such inappropriate content.

Okay, just for fun. Caption contest!