Twitter Censorship Is Lame
By Stephanie Wei under General

Ian Poulter is an awesome tweeter. He posts a gagillion pictures. He’s taken a few “controversial” ones, though. There was the mud ball at the US Open (he took a pic of his ball during a tournament round). He briefly deleted it, but re-posted it after clearing things up with rules officials.

More recently, he tweeted this with a picture of Camilo Villegas and Justin Rose giving him the finger. I thought it was hilarious. My interpretation was that they were annoyed and making fun of him because he’s always taking pictures. Apparently others were offended. Yesterday he tweeted:

Sorry if any of you guys took offence to the picture on the plane, i wouldn’t want to offend any body. It obviously did. So sorry folks. X

First off, I love that he wrote “X” (FYI, it means “kiss”). But seriously, people, chill out. It’s your choice to follow him. And if you think it’s inappropriate because “he’s a role model for kids,” then monitor what they’re looking at on the Internet. There’s much more offensive content.

I saw the notorious tweet on Sunday, but I only noticed today he took it down. He shouldn’t have done that or felt like he should. Did the powers-that-be on the PGA Tour say something? First the Marines, then ESPN, the NFL* and now the PGA.


[Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images]