Why Tiger’s Presser Was Impressive
By Stephanie Wei under General

Tiger Woods followed his “controversial” Sunday presser with another brilliant one today. He’s challenging the parochial powers-that-be! Throwing his politically correct nature to the floor, his responses to the Paramor/clock issue (and the temper thing) were filled with zingers. Here are my favorites:

Q. First have you heard from the TOUR [about fine]?

TW: Yes, I’ve heard from the TOUR and there’s no fine. Was an erroneous report.

That makes sense. I just re-read the rule and Tiger didn’t “unreasonably” attack Paramor. He was merely stating his opinions. And we’re all entitled to those, right?

Q. About why you said what you said. NBA games, you’re a big NBA fan, the fans tell the referees, put the whistles away and let them decide it.

TW: The way I understood it, we were the only two in contention to win the event. We had separated ourselves. The winner was not going to come from the groups ahead, even though Robert played just a great round ahead of us. It was going to come from our group. And we were having a great battle.

Yeah, let them play. In basketball, there’s a fixed shot clock so the players know how much time they’re allowed. It’s somewhat similar with calling fouls because sometimes that’s at the discretion of the ref. But coming down the stretch and in a big game, they are usually much more lenient. Also, did spectators or people at home care if Tiger or Paddy was taking a little longer? No. It wouldn’t have hurt CBS’ ratings. Apparently those trying to watch the evening news would have. God forbid you miss the first 5-10 minutes. Change the channel to a different network. Problem solved.

Q. Going back to the timing issue last Sunday, do you in any way regret personalizing the issue by naming John Paramor in your criticism of —

TW: No. Because he’s the one who did it.


Q. And secondly, do you have any sympathy for what he has to do and officials like him have to do under these circumstances?

TW: Yeah, that’s why I thought they would have used better judgment on that considering that, as I said, we were the ones that were probably going to win the golf tournament in the last group. We separated ourselves.

In other words, Paramor committed a foul.

Q. Where does discretion begin and end on the subject of slow play, which is strangling the game?

TW: Yeah, you’re right. But then again, we were in the last group, and you know, we finished at 6:03.

ZING! Slow play sucks. No doubt Tiger is one of the worst offenders (to the point where it’s painful sometimes), but that’s not the point under this circumstance. It’s always going to be a problem unless the rule is enforced and players get penalized. Let’s be real, that’s not going to happen. Imagine the firestorm. Not to mention the last time someone received a penalty stroke for slow play was in 1982. It’s also exasperating when it’s one person who is slowing down the group and the others have to rush or deal with it. Punch in face.

That’s it for now. I just wish someone would have asked about Fart-Gate. Tiger has been humanized within a week. Go figure. I hope this guy is here to stay. Yeah, I’ve jumped on the bandwagon…for now. Let’s keep the controversial stuff going. By that I mean, things that people other than diehard golf fans (like you and me) care about.