“Don’t Sleep With the Caddies…”
By Stephanie Wei under Caddies

By Guest Writer, LPGA Tour pro Paige Mackenzie


…That’s the ONE piece of dating advice I received after making the Tour (from 6 different players).

Dear Rookies,

While you may meet hundreds of men every year playing in pro-ams and
LPGA sponsor parties, most will be over the age of 50. This is the terrible truth (unless you have Daddy issues and that’s your thing).

Dear married men at aforementioned pro-ams and LPGA sponsor parties,

No. Turn around and check out the look on your wife’s face….no. For your (and my) own good, NO!

Dating at home:

Was that a date? Dating is tough. This year I bet on the NCAA b-ball tournament with a guy I liked. I lost. We went out to dinner and had a good time, but I wasn’t sure if it was a “date” or not. So I asked one of his friends, PGA tour player Kevin Streelman. Our exchange:

KS: “Did he wear a hat?”
Me: “No.”
KS: “Then it was a date.”

Since I wasn’t sure if it was a date or not, you won’t be surprised to know there wasn’t a second date.


Like Ludacris sings, “I got hoes…in different area codes…”

Yep. Even the LPGA has them. I recently had 3 autograph seekers waiting outside my hotel. They looked a little like they had come straight from the trekkie convention. But ya know, they count.

Ahhh, but I jest. I have met some pretty amazing people in my time on the Tour, and some of them are even single, interesting, and handsome. These are the ones you want to hang on to and stay in touch with. But then you hit the road again and need to make the decision on whether to try to pursue a long-distance “relationship.” I use the term loosely because most likely, as a hotel homebody, you haven’t even rounded first — speaking in terms of the baseball metaphor of intimacy — in the 6 days you have been in town.

And if you have rounded first, what are really the odds the relationship would work anyway?

So there you have it. Dozens of potential relationships lie as roadkill in the path of my travels. But the hope is that a man at some future pro-am or LPGA sponsor event, or hell, maybe even a caddy — will catch my attention long enough to last.

*Update: Changed picture October 9, 2013.