Paging Adam Scott
By Stephanie Wei under General

Adam Scott had a rough day at the office today. He shot 8-over-par 78.  Where does that put him? Yeah. Dead last. Whoops! Sure it happens to the best of us. But he’s been playing terrible all season. To say he’s struggling is an understatement. Mr. Scott has missed 8 cuts in ‘09 — 6 in a row at one point — that include the HP Byron Nelson Championship, where he was the defending champion. Going into the US Open last year, he was ranked 3rd in the world. In only a little over a year he’s dropped to 44th.

After he finished T4 at the Scottish Open last month, I thought perhaps he was making a little comeback. Apparently it was a fluke. He MC’d yet again at the British Open the following week. Sigh.

He was once considered one of the most promising young players on Tour! What in world has happened to him?

First thing that came to mind was injuries. Last year he dislocated his finger three weeks before the US Open. He still managed to place T26 and then T16 at the British Open.

He is an avid surfer. Well, there’s a sport where you’re practically asking for trouble. Last winter he dislocated his knee for the sixth time. He recovered nicely and placed T2 — his best finish this season — at the Sony Open in January, though. So that’s not the problem.

I got it! It’s his putting! I looked at his stats and over the years, he’s averaged approximately 30 putts per round. Um, that’s not good. He got away with it for a while because he’s an excellent ballstriker — he still has one of the most fluid swings on the Tour. At the end of the day, putting equals confidence and momentum. You can hit the ball to ten feet every hole. BUT if you’re not capitalizing on those opportunities, then it’s eventually going to carry over to other parts of your game. He probably realizes that if his swing is just a little off, then he’s screwed (for lack of a better term). Poor putting alters your entire mindset. Golf is so mental that it’s tough to recover.

I’m not a pro and I don’t claim to be an expert, but perhaps Adam should spend some extra time on the practice green. I just want to see the guy start playing well again. It’d be a shame to waste all that talent. I suppose he can always fall back on a modeling career with Burberry.

UPDATE: One of my kind contacts from inside the ropes told me that Adam has been tweaking his swing. He’s trying to improve the position of his hands at the top and path before impact, which he hopes will let him hit the ball higher.