The Fall of GM Has Fans Resorting to Hotwiring Golf Carts to Replace Their Chevy Tahoes
By Stephanie Wei under General

The Buick Open: the tournament that keeps on giving…us (or me, at least) ridiculous stories to write about. Buick just officially announced it was ending its sponsorship of the PGA Tour, but it’s going out with a bam. First there was the Green Man who was out to “Save the Buick Open.” Then we had the Tiger Woods/David Feherty i-Fart controversy, aka America’s Most Talked About Flatulence. And now we have stolen golf carts.

I’m telling you, the Buick Open is was a beloved event for the local community. So much that a 19-year-old rode his bike from Waterford to Warwick Hills — which GoogleMaps tells me is approximately 22 miles — on Tuesday to watch a practice round. Yeah, that’s what I call dedication. He was understandably tired at the end of the day. When he saw an unattended golf cart, he loaded up his bike and took the cart for a joyride. I mean, that’s the obvious thing to do. Apparently at 2 AM he was spotted by police (because driving on a main street in a golf cart is something you see every day and doesn’t attract attention) and arrested.

It gets better. The Flint Journal also reported that police had to chase down two men on Thursday in a stolen golf cart. When the officers tried to “pull them over, they took off over a curb.” In other words, there was a “police pursuit” over two drunks in a golf cart.

I’ve also heard anecdotes about pros stealing golf carts. Sometimes they get drunk and ride around in them, naked too. But only when they’re in Mexico and there’s a swine flu outbreak.