Getting to the Bottom of Fart-Gate
By Stephanie Wei under General

It appears that the biggest sports story of the week — wait, no, the year — is whether or not Tiger Woods farted on the 18th hole at the Buick Open on Sunday. A YouTube video went viral of Tiger laughing upon hearing someone fart in the gallery. I posted it. And I’m still talking about it. Because I’m 4 years old.

At some point yesterday afternoon — to my dismay — I noticed the video screen had gone black with a message that said, “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by the PGA Tour.” Yeah, they just had to ruin our fun. The good news is that you can still see it over at TMZ.

The NY Post suggested action was taken to save Tiger from embarrassment.

Come on, guys, it was obvious from the start that Tiger was not the guilty party. I immediately thought it was David Feherty (I even put down $5!). It had to be someone who was near the TV mic. Well, I just might be right. Feherty appeared on Dan Patrick’s show yesterday and implied he was the culprit. He said,

“This was a staggering fart…this was a stump fart essentially that was clearly a deliberate move…To the best of my knowledge, I’ve never made air with anything like that…It certainly wasn’t Stevie so people are going to look at me…It came from behind me…I wouldn’t look too closely to the bottom of it because I’m not entirely sure it was….vaporous.”

In other words, Feherty didn’t “technically” toot, rather he might have used an electronic device, like, say, an iPhone application. Apparently, he also hinted the same thing off-air. At least that’s what I’ve heard.

So there you have it. David Feherty made the fanny cough with an iPhone Fart app.

UPDATE: After listening to the audio of America’s Most Talked About Flatulence again, I’m reconsidering my position. I now think it was actually someone in the gallery. Thoughts, anyone?

UPDATE 2: I shouldn’t have reneged on my initial opinion. Note to self: go with gut. A “highly placed source” confirmed it was, in fact, Feherty. Apparently I’m the Woodward and Bernstein of the Fart-Gate scandal. Woohoo!