Phil Mickelson Confirmed for PGA Championship
By Stephanie Wei under General

Yesterday it was announced that Phil Mickelson would play in next week’s WGC Bridgestone Championship. And today it was confirmed that Phil will indeed play in the PGA Championship at Hazeltine for the final major of the season. Our million dollar question has been answered! I’m not surprised and I’m glad that it sounds like Amy’s cancer treatment is going well.

He wrote on his website:

I have had a great six weeks at home. Things are going very well and I am excited about the opportunity to start playing some tournaments again. I’ll play the Bridgestone Invitational, PGA Championship, and The Barclays for sure, and if things continue to go well I’ll be able to play more.

He’s sponsored by Barclays so I’m sure they’re happy about the news too. Everyone wins! But seriously, I think we’re all ready to see Phil return to competition! Maybe we’ll even get to see a Tiger vs. Phil duel in the upcoming weeks. We miss those as well – it’ll give the press something else to write about other than Tiger’s temper problem. Better yet, we’ll see more cursing and club throwing so we can continue to harp on the subject!