Anna Rawson’s Five-Step Plan
By Stephanie Wei under General

Listen up, Anna Rawson has some ideas to share for improving the LPGA. She appeared Tuesday evening on ESPN’s 360 – which I thought was great publicity for the Tour — well, notwithstanding the awkward pause when she was asked about this controversial statement. Oops!

For non-LPGA fans, Anna is the reason you would watch. It’d help if she saw weekend play or simply played a little better. But wait! She’s smoking hot so it doesn’t matter. If you couldn’t guess, she’s also a model. She’s 108th on the money list this year, but is one of the most highly-endorsed ladies on Tour — she’s the face of GoDaddy and sponsored by fashion designer J. Lindeberg.

Anna is living proof that sex sells. (In related news, the sky is blue, water is wet.) She “exploits” her looks, but I really don’t blame her. You gotta pay the bills, right?  I’d probably be more critical if she gave off a trashy vibe, but she doesn’t. She’s classy!!! She’s downright beautiful. I like her website too (does it really give you a phone number to leave her a message or was I seeing things?). Imagine the wonders she could do for the LPGA if she started winning! Okay, so maybe she should just focus on looking good and reppin’ the Tour positively.

Let’s take a gander at her 5 points (go HERE for full descriptions):

  1. Rock the Tee: Every player should tee off to her favorite song at the beginning of the tournament and have it played again when she approaches the 18th green. Um, sorry. TERRIBLE idea. Sure it’s different and cool in theory. But errr, there are other players on the course who wouldn’t appreciate the music, especially if someone chooses a hardcore rap song. Listening to your iPod while you practice is one thing, but blasting it on the golf course is a different story. Oh yeah, this might come as a surprise but there is more than one player in a group…
  2. Bring On the Men: Some LPGA tournaments should be played at the same time and on the same course as PGA tournaments. Again, in theory it’s a fun/good idea, but not great logistically (and doubtful the men would oblige). It might be possible with a smaller field, but even if they play from different tees, the PGA/LPGA sets up are different. However, I’d love to see a joint event or two with a twist (i.e., a best ball, horserace, mixed teams, etc).
  3. Fashion to the Fairways: I would have a fashion designer create a piece of clothing or accessory for the trophy ceremony…On Monday, the winner would be flown to Manhattan to shoot the gown, jacket or jewelry for an ad to be placed in a fashion magazine (Elle, Vogue, Glamour, InStyle). I like it. I’ve heard makeup and Photoshop do wonders – even for the less photogenic players.
  4. Marketing Is the Boss: I would give the LPGA’s VP of communications, David Higdon, a long-term contract and make him directly answerable only to the players. Higdon knows how to help the public connect with athletes. Fine by me.
  5. Ready for Our Close-Up: Every group should be miked up and followed by its own camera crew, not a hard or expensive thing to do in this era of cheap, portable devices that can send images and audio around the globe in an instant. Again, great theoretically, bad logistically. First of all, it’s not that cheap. Second of all, every group? What if three non-English speaking Asian players are paired together? I loved when they mic’ed Christina Kim. I’m all for miking a few groups that have awesome personalities.

Anna has pretty good – at the very least – creative ideas. More important, people will look might listen to her. Woohoo! The Constructivist has proposed tons of brilliant (read: much better) suggestions. Too bad no one pays attention to bloggers.