Belts and Buckles Are in the Loop
By Stephanie Wei under General

Remember John Paul Newport’s column about golf fashion in the Wall Street Journal a few months back? The one about the “Full Cleveland”? And more important, the one I was quoted in?

This weekend New York Times scribe Bill Pennington wrote a little piece about the surging trend of belt buckles for golfers. When you follow-through, that fancy belt buckle of yours should be pointed at the target; that is, if you’re turning your hips properly. Otherwise, at least you’re making a cool fashion statement.

I’m not really sure who revived the belt buckle trend, but the first person who comes to mind is none other than Anthony Kim. Who could forget the bling he was sporting? It was a tad excessive, but he pulled it off. It appears he’s rid of that trend and moved on to simpler statements.

I’ve also noticed a ton of guys and gals wearing personalized belt buckles. I can tell you one thing – you’ll never catch me dead sporting a belt with a big fat “S” plate. I’m open to bold new fashion statements, but I guess I’m more into an “elegant” or delicate look, if that makes sense. I don’t even have a white belt yet! Gasp! However, I was browsing the PUMA site and thinking about ordering this, or maybe this if I’m feeling daring.

[My preppy d-bag belt collection. I still sport most of them. I blame 4 years in CT.]

Pennington suggests taking a gander at the SUMI-G Dormy, the PUMA Golf Rivet Belt and Adidas’ Trophy leather belt. If you’re feeling especially bold, try the Sligo Buckled Belt or the Druh Belt and Buckles, where you can design your own!

Like Newport, Pennington notes that the attention to belts and buckles is a throwback to the 1970s. Remember, don’t ever throw anything away! Storage is a pain and so are overflowing closets (especially in NYC). But how many times have you kicked yourself for tossing those jeans or shoes that suddenly were back in vogue? What goes around comes around – even in golf – Tom Watson is living proof.