By Stephanie Wei under General

First off, who dressed you, Stewart? He looked like he’d taken the tunnel over from the Dirty Jerz with Tony Soprano. Throw in a gold chain and he would have been all set.

Not a fan of #10, but I guess that’s why it was #10. I ROTFL at #6 (paging David Feherty). #3 is great too. Did I miss something on #2? Overall, it was a hoot!

By the way, I have a bone to pick with Letterman about calling Watson a choker. Gasp! I’m really not a fan of the words “choke” and “Tom Watson” in the same sentence (that is, unless you’re saying he didn’t). I like to call it “adrenaline.” He hit the 8-iron too pure. Then a putt from the rough too hard. Adrenaline! Yeah, he hit a lousy putt – it should have at least hit the hole. (Actually he missed quite a few of those on Sunday. He’s always been known to struggle with putts that length.) And yes, I’m defending him because he’s a lovable old man, and had someone like Sergio done the same thing, I would be screaming “choker” as loud as anyone. But Serg doesn’t have 8 major championships and the long list of accolades that Watson does. You can’t call a guy who has accomplished so much in his career a choker – even if he hit one poor putt. Letterman, you should be ashamed of yourself!