Stewart Cink Ranked #1 Sports Tweeter and Will Be on Letterman Tonight
By Stephanie Wei under General

When it became apparent that Stewart Cink would top Tom Watson in the four-hole playoff to win the British Open, I tweeted, “I wonder how many congratulatory @replies Stewie is going to have.” I was thinking upwards of 500,000 to a million. I have no idea where and how I can find this number other than searching “StewartCink” on the Twitter home page and counting the results.

[Stewart Cink getting his makeup done for the Late Show with David Letterman]

By far, Stewie is the most popular PGA Twitterer (Tweeter, whatever you want to call it). Ian Poulter has started to give him a run for his money, but is still a few hundred thousand short. When I first started following Stew’s tweets back in March, I absolutely loved it. He was the first “big name” golfer to join Twitter and the PGA’s little trendsetter. From the get-go, he was a master tweeter – he just “got” it. Twitter has been great publicity for both him and golf. I’ve actually heard he gets comp’d everywhere because he tweets about the places. Does this mean golfers, other than Tiger, are “real” celebs??

With a major title win, he’s being recognized for his tweeting skillz by the mainstream press.

Darren Rovell ranked him #1 for CNBC’s July Twitter rankings!!! I know it’s not quite as prestigious as winning the Claret Jug (or perhaps as exciting as a Watson victory would have been). But hey, it’s a something, right? Rovell makes a good point that I couldn’t agree with more – “Now that he’s got the British Open title, he’s going to be relevant to follow. In the last 52 days, Cink, who hit 570,000 followers today, has picked up more than 6,000 followers a day. It’s hard to believe, but he has more followers than Lady Gaga.”

That’s right! More followers than Lady Gaga! Stewie must be pretty excited about that one. I just checked again and he has over 580,000 followers. He’s a relatable guy, not to mention funny. I wonder when he’ll reach a million…

I say after his appearance on Letterman tonight – which I also found out via Stew’s Twitter feed. I have a feeling Stewie’s Top Ten will be much, much more interesting than Lucas Glover’s. So perhaps a Cink win wasn’t such a terrible result.