Tom Watson, for Crying Out Loud!
By Stephanie Wei under General

Win or lose – Tom Watson has put on a performance of a lifetime and captured our hearts. He’s already made history as the oldest player to lead a major after 54 holes, breaking Greg Norman’s record at the British Open from a year ago.

If he does win, it’ll be the best thing to have happened in golf in a very long time — that’s non-Tiger related. Watson will not only be the oldest player to have won a major golf championship, he’ll be the oldest champion in sports history. It’ll be the biggest sports story of the year. Tiger Woods won’t be the only TW that’s a household name.

There are many words to describe Watson’s play. But one word stands out the most. Inspiring.

On Saturday, I was misty-eyed as Watson walked up to the 18th green. Even more so when I saw the man himself was as well. I might just break down if he wins. Check that. Regardless – as he putts out on the 72nd hole and embraces the wave of emotion from the crowd – I’ll probably shed a few tears. And I imagine I’ll be in good company.

[Photo by Warren Little/Getty Images Europe]