By Stephanie Wei under General

You get to a certain point, and you like to tear it apart and see how it works and put it back better. I definitely have learned a lot about my golf swing this year, and I feel like it will improve. I don’t know if I wanted to have a better understanding, but I just wanted to have a better golf swing.

Padraig Harrington via Damon Hack’s SI article on Tuesday

It kind of baffles me that Paddy would want to change something when it was working pretty darn good. Don’t fix something when it ain’t broke. I get wanting to have a better golf swing, but golf is an imperfect game.

It seems like he’s struggling with the mental side of the game more than anything. I know when you make a huge swing change it takes time to adjust and for the pieces to come together. It’s extremely frustrating, but you do it because ultimately it’ll produce better results. So it’s understandable Paddy hasn’t been playing well. You also have to start trusting your swing again, and it doesn’t sound like he does…at all.

For a guy who won a tournament only days ago, it’s strange he doesn’t have much confidence. He needs to believe in himself a little more. And the rest should follow.

I’m a big fan of Paddy. It’s hard not to like the guy. I hope he does well this week. A good – even decent – showing at the Open might just be what he needs to get his head back on track.