By Stephanie Wei under General

For those who found Tiger Woods’ self-interview awkward, you must have missed the exchange (at about the three minute mark) between Roger Federer and Andy Roddick in the post-game interview at Wimbledon. If you didn’t catch it or you feel like cringing again (and again), it’s embedded above courtesy of the wonderfully talented Ms. Katie Baker who was also my college roommate. She was so traumatized inspired by it that she wrote this must-read column for MediaiteDan Abrams’ recently-launched website that Contributing Editor Andrew Cedotal describes as, “a site of the media, by the media, and for the media.”

I know it’s tradition to conduct post-game interviews in Tennis. But was it really necessary to ask Federer to “pay tribute to someone who gave him a heck of a fight”? I mean, there’s not much to say to someone after you beat them, except the standard, “You played great. Thanks for the good match.” Nothing is going to make the runner-up feel any better. IMHO, it’s a lose-lose situation. Case in point, Roddick seemed offended by the words Federer offered – which were meant to be encouraging  – and in turn, Federer looked like an arrogant jerk.

What to do? Bakes sez ask better questions or put an end to the cringe-fest altogether. A-MEN. What does this have to do with golf? You’ll have to read her article. Ready, set, go!

Related: I was browsing through Mediaite’s Power Grid and to my surprise, I came across someone golf-related! Scott Van Pelt is ranked #49 among radio hosts and #80 among TV Anchors/Hosts. It must have been due to this heartwarming bit. But in all seriousness, way to respesent.