Mary Mickelson, Phil’s Mother, Diagnosed With Breast Cancer
By Stephanie Wei under General

Can any more bad news hit the Mickelson family? It was reported today that Phil Mickelson’s mother has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Mary Mickelson, the mother of Phil Mickelson, has been diagnosed with breast cancer less than two months after the golfer’s wife, Amy, also was diagnosed with the disease.

Tina Mickelson, Phil’s sister, said Monday that her mother was diagnosed a week ago and will undergo surgery Friday at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. Amy Mickelson had surgery for her breast cancer at the same hospital Wednesday.

This is awful. Talk about a tough time for the Mickelsons. Seriously. Think about the emotional toll this is taking on them. I can’t imagine what they’re going through.

I’m sure Mary will receive the same outpouring of support from fans and players as Amy has.

Here’s what many are probably wondering: Will Phil return to competition this year? I don’t think anyone would hold it against him if he didn’t. Whatever the circumstances – family always comes first.

On a bit of a brighter note, Tina also said, “The initial pathology on Amy’s tumor and the surrounding tissue was healthier than doctors anticipated.” Well, at least it sounds like she will be OK. It’s a relief that her treatment is headed in a good direction.

Let’s wish for Amy’s and Mary’s speedy recovery.  Our best goes out to the Mickelsons.