Even the President Struggles With His Golf Swing
By Stephanie Wei under General

President Barack Obama is on his first trip to Russia as the leader of the free world. It appears it’s not just the American press that’s taken an interest in his golf game. In a recent interview with the Russian media, he was asked about it. He replied:

You probably don’t have that much golf weather in Russia, but it’s a game that I keep on thinking I should be good at. And somehow the ball goes this way and that way and never goes straight.

The President isn’t alone. We all bemoan our troubles on the course. It’s a tough game or sport, whatever you want to call it (though it bothers me when people say it’s not a sport). But it could be troubling for him to handle not being perfect at everything. Yes, of course that’s a debatable statement and we all have our opinions. Just saying he’s not doing so bad and a pretty darn good leader, among other talents.

Practice makes perfect, especially when it comes to golf. I’m sure Obama’s presidential duties don’t make for much spare time. We’d be concerned if it did, right? Then again, there is a practice green in his backyard. He has a lot more important issues on his plate than to seriously worry about his swing – which I doubt he is.