Maybe Vijay Singh Isn’t Loyal After All
By Stephanie Wei under General

Last week I mentioned Vijay Singh’s devout loyalty to Allen Stanford. It appears Veej has had a change of heart – he has NOT been sporting the Stanford logo at the AT&T National tournament.

CNBC’s Darren Rovell reported today:

For the second straight day, while practicing at Congressional Country Club to gear up for this week’s AT&T National, Vijay Singh was not wearing a hat and shirt with the Stanford Financial Logo on it. Instead, it appears like the trouble with the company has finally led the golfer to revert back to gear with Cleveland Golf logos on it. Before this year, Cleveland Golf owned the real estate on Singh that Stanford purchased in January.

He’s not so loyal after all. And so much for sticking to his “innocent until proven guilty” mantra. Vijay continues to confuse me. He seems like a good guy and perhaps he is, but he clearly goes back and forth with his decisions – a flip-flopper, if you will. As reader KR pointed out, he made commercials with the kids at St. Jude last year because Stanford felt like it was a worthy cause. But he was a no-show at the tournament this year.

Team Singh most likely had an epiphany and realized it was a PR fiasco for Veej to continue wearing gear splattered with the Stanford logo. Who knows if it was his decision or IMG’s – it was probably a combo or the latter. Either way, he was convinced to make a change. If he were tied by a contract, wouldn’t it have been void once Stanford defaulted on the agreement months ago? I don’t have a law degree, but common sense tells me that’d be the case. Obviously it must be ‘cause Veej went back to sporting Cleveland Golf gear. (Whew, they took him back!) Just sayin’.

UPDATE: I just wanted to add a few words. In retrospect, I was being a little harsh. I know these things are complicated and Vijay is in fact loyal and a good friend. We’re not perfect and never know what’s really going on behind the scenes. However, we are all entitled to our own opinions. I didn’t realize Stanford had a long-term business relationship with IMG until I looked into it further. So the situation makes more sense now…