Heard Around the Greens
By Stephanie Wei under General

Over the past few days, you might have gotten wrapped up with the tragic losses of Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, Billy Mays, and for many in particular, Michael Jackson. I watched a few hours of the tribute to him on VH1. Whatever your opinion is on him, no doubt he is a legend. And I’d almost forgotten some of the EPIC music videos he recorded. I mean, Thriller, Bad, Black or White or Billie Jean (just to name a few)? Amazing. So in case you missed the happenings in the golf world this past weekend, below are some great links from my fellow golf blogging buddies – they certainly kept me up to speed while I was on my brief respite.

  • The Golf Girl spent the week at the Travelers Championship. It sounds like she had an awesome time and she did a fantastic job covering the tourney. I love all the pics, especially this one. I’ll have to get the deets later. [Golf Girl’s Diary]
  • Some LPGA players complained expressed their discontent via Twitter with the LPGA’s tournament decisions. Maybe the tee times should have been moved up. Sorry, I know it sucks to play in the rain or to get the bad end of the draw, but that’s golf for you. Not to mention, the ladies venting still finished pretty well and made some good money. I mean, I’d take it…[Waggle Room]
  • Seventeen-year-old Ryo Ishikawa qualified for the British Open by winning the Yomiuri Classic this past weekend – which brings up the topic of “golf’s youth movement.” Are these kids emotionally mature enough to handle all that comes with limelight and success? I’d say it depends on the individual. [Devil Ball Golf]
  • Shane is having a contest to give away two tickets for the AT&T National this week.  So if you live in the DC area, just email him your best Fourth of July golf story. Woohoo! [Dogs That Chase Cars]
  • Hound Dog gives a great recap of the LPGA Wegmans tourney. Congrats to Jiyai Shin on her second victory of the year! [Hound Dog LPGA]
  • The Ladies’ Tours for Dummies. I think most people should take a gander at this informative guide. [The Constructivist]
  • The comedians guys over at NiceBallz breaks down some fun golf nicknames. (I’d share a few of mine from the good ol’ days, but they’re probably NSFW.) My favorite? Hands down, “Shankopotamus.” The E*Trade baby kind of gives me the creepers, but that’s why he’s so awesome. [Nice Ballz]