Vijay Singh Is Loyal
By Stephanie Wei under General

Maybe a little too loyal. Last week, CNBC’s Darren Rovell reported:

Despite Thursday night’s federal indictment of its chief executive and several others on fraud and additional charges, golfer Vijay Singh walked out on to the ninth green this morning at the US Open to finish his first round dressed in Stanford attire.

Maybe Vijay didn’t have any other shirts…But it’s been quite a while since Stanford defaulted on its $8 million contract for him to plaster the logo on his shirt, hat and bag. That’s probably not the smartest branding idea for him. I have to ask, is there a catch? Are we missing something?

Dave Haggith, a rep at Vijay’s management company, IMG, explained, “Vijay’s opinion is that Stanford has yet to be proven guilty and until then has chose to act supportively.” Good to know he believes in the justice system.

Today, it was reported that Vijay offered to pay $500,000 bail for Allen Stanford, the CEO, but was denied because he’s not a US citizen.

Lest we forget, the crooked swindler guy already owes him money. It was a mighty generous gesture, but seriously? SERIOUSLY?! I understand he’s trying to be “supportive,” but it’s not doing much for his public image – particularly because he should start seeking out a new sponsor (or take a cue from this guy). Maybe he has so much money that it doesn’t matter. Still, lose the Stanford gear, Veej.