Less Is Moore for Ryan
By Stephanie Wei under General

Ryan Moore might not look like your average PGA Tour golfer. By that, I mean he doesn’t have logos plastered all over his golf bag or clothes. And it’s by choice. He was sponsored by Ping (among others) until he made the decision to drop them this season. I’ll take a leap and say he’s giving up a good sum of money.

When I spoke with him last week, he mentioned casually that he didn’t have sponsors. He said something like, “Look at my bag, it’s just something I picked out.” It’s green and blue and the only inscription is his name. Along with that, he can play with the golf clubs he so desires – right now they are Ping irons and 3W, a Titleist putter, an Adams hybrid and driver. The only “new” part of his equipment is the head of the driver.

Then there are his clothes. He gestured at them and said, “Right now [the shirt] is from American Apparel and [the pants] are from Urban Outfitters.” What about the hat? “It’s from a company called Goorin based in San Francisco.” His tattered “sneakers” are not skater shoes (as I heard many people dub at Bethpage). They are Puma Hoppers and, for the record, they DO have spikes. He’s not trying to make a cliche statement – he just wears what he feels comfortable sporting – which includes a beard.

He explained, “I wanted to just play golf again.” OH SNAP. How many touring pros can say the same? I’ll go with none – at least that I know of. Raise your hand if you find that admirable. «Both hands raised»

Last Wednesday I asked him how he thought the obnoxious and vocal New York galleries would react to his casual, slightly disheveled appearance. He shrugged and said, “I know I’m going to get ridiculed for how I look and what I’m wearing, but it doesn’t bother me.” Indeed, the spectators made countless remarks. They sneered things like, “That guy is a golfer? He looks like a truck driver!”

So go ahead, judge him. But he’s comfortable with who he is and that speaks volumes about his character. In the end, only the results count and it seems his philosophy is starting to work pretty darn well – Ryan shot two-over-par and finished T10 at the US Open. I wasn’t surprised…at all. He told me before the tournament began, “Something just clicked last week and made me feel like I used to. It just fell into place.” I took his word and picked him as one of my sleepers (thanks for making me look smart, Ryan).

Though he doesn’t have his first win on Tour yet, I have a feeling it’ll come soon. Perhaps even at the Travelers Championship in Hartford this week.