Being Ian Poulter: Tweeting the U.S. Open
By Stephanie Wei under General

Over the past few weeks, Ian Poulter has been an absolute Twitter addict. I’d say it started during the NBA Finals when he tweeted a picture of Hulk’s hairpiece at Game 4 of the Magic vs. Lakers series.

The U.S. Open rolled around and you could say he stepped it up. During his practice rounds, he showed how tough Bethpage Black was set up here and here. He told us how the 18th hole was playing. He gave us a glimpse of his yardage and green books and his biggest fan.

He kept us updated during Thursday’s wash-out. How did they putt on those greens? Not very well. And he informed us about what the U.S.G.A. was telling the players while play was delayed. He sounded a tad frustrated, but he was a riot – not to mention honest. It was true – personally, I couldn’t see how the players would get back on the course without a canoe and paddle either. (I understand that it was a tough call and I won’t get into that right now, but ultimately the right decision was made.) And in fact, it turned out that the grounds crew at Bethpage were magicians.

He showed us his popcorn at the movies and provided a rave review of Hangover – plus photos. The confusion and error over tee times. And his thoughts on the never-ending and strangest U.S. Open. I have a feeling that he was tired (understandably so).

Poults even had a little contest to give away two tickets for Sunday! He asked fans to send him a tweet and he’d pick the best one. I’m sure he received hundreds, if not thousands. And he even met the lucky winner. How many players would take the time to go out of their way to make such a kind gesture? At a major championship, no less! I’d say very few.

He had countless amazing updates that it’s difficult to say which was the most priceless. But if I had to pick, I’d say this one from Sunday takes the cake. I’m going to spell it out because it’s downright hilarious.

Perfect drive on 10th 235 yards to go into the wind. And that’s what you get… Perfect 3 wood straight right into bunker. It’s B#LL SH#T

That was the caption attached to the picture he took of his muddy ball during a tournament round! (To clarify, he waited to tweet it between rounds.) Say what? Did that actually happen or was he messing with us? Yes, it did. Is that even allowed? I mean, who cares -the guy has guts. I was laughing out loud (perhaps even ROTFL).

Some probably think he took it a little too far this week. Maybe he did, but I enjoyed his coverage of the tournament. I was already a fan, but now I’m a huge one. I’m sure the same goes for many others. We caught a glimpse of his vibrant personality (if you couldn’t already see from his choice of clothes). Most of all, he gave us a real look inside the ropes.

It’s like we were there! Congrats on the low round of the day with a 67, Poults! And keep it up – the play and the tweeting.