By Stephanie Wei under General

Bethpage Black is playing really long and the lay-out is really tough. Get out of here! I haven’t heard anyone say that…in, like, the last two minutes.

I can’t disagree with either of those descriptions. I mean, the course initimidates me just walking it! That’s also what makes it so amazing. And it’s also why the players that are the most patient and mentally tough will prevail. You can say that applies all the time and indeed it does, but especially at Bethpage and even more so because of the wet conditions.

After three days in a row walking the course and watching the players practice, I noticed that most of the guys are hitting it more or less in the same place – generally speaking, that is. And since the course is soggy the players were only getting about a 5 yard roll on their drives. The guys that hit it high will have a huge advantage, but if they also bomb it off the tee, that won’t hurt either.

The rough sucks, but apparently it’s more reasonable than it was in 2002. You can still hit a 7 iron and reach the green (that is, according to Ryan Moore as of Wednesday evening). Around the greens, the rough is inconsistent because it’s patchy from the wet weather.

The fact of that matter is that there’s nothing easy about the course. And…as predicted, it’s already started to rain (around 1AM)…no, it’s pouring. Bethpage the Beast + Soggy Conditions = Nightmare.

Press the panic button. Right. Now.

At least for some of the players. I don’t imagine to see too many red numbers today.  But the advantage goes to the players with morning tee times, which includes the likes of Tiger Woods, Angel Cabrera, Geoff Ogilvy, et al. – in tough conditions, they can hit it long and high and stick it tight.