By Stephanie Wei under General

James Nitties punching out from the rough with what looked like a wedge on Tuesday.

He found the fairway, but still had about 80 yards into the green. Reader Court pointed out that I should explain the different cuts of the rough from the photo of the 18th hole that I posted yesterday (which you can see similarly above). He said it well:
It shows the second cut and primary cuts, and there is a first cut that is shorter than the second cut, plus the fringe between the fairway and the first cut. The first cut is about 10’ wide and will take a lot of spin off the ball.  Miss that and you’re really going to struggle.  Hit the second cut or primary cut and you’re looking at bogey or worse.  This plan of Mike Davis’ is brilliant.
I think that if the players find the primary or second cut, they can still get up-and-down – it just won’t be easy. After they punch out with a wedge or short iron, they’ll ideally have a 100 yards into the green from the fairway and a decent chance to convert pars. (These guys are good, right?) Players with the best scrambling and wedge games have an advantage in this regard.