By Stephanie Wei under General

Under these conditions, you never really know, the doubt creeps in there a lot more than on the basketball court. On the basketball court, I never think about ‘what if.’ On the golf course you find yourself (thinking): What if you hit into the rough over there, can you get it out?

Michael Jordan [via]

On Friday, MJ played in the U.S. Open Challenge at Bethpage Black with Ben Roethlisberger, Justin Timberlake, and lucky contest winner, Larry Giebelhausen. To boot, the celebs had celebrity caddies! Rocco Mediate looped for Big Ben, Anthony Kim for J-Tim, and Fred Couples for Jordan. It goes without saying that anyone would love to hit the links with any of these stars. Personally, I’d do just about anything to play with the final pair.

Jordan started the day with a triple bogey on the first hole and followed with a double bogey. He went on to fire 88. As a man who loves a little wager, I wonder how much money he lost today (not that it matters for him). It sounds like his ego took most of the beating. Roethlisberger had the best round with an 81 and Timberlake barely edged out Jordan with an 86.

I get a lot of heat from some friends that golf isn’t a sport. Look guys, if the likes of His Airness questions himself on the course, then that has to count for something. And, he’s right – the mental game is one of the toughest aspects. You can be a tremendous athlete, but if you don’t have the confidence, well, you’re in for a long day.