NEWSFLASH: Christina Kim Will Be Mic’d Again For The Second Round of The LPGA Championship
By Stephanie Wei under General

As you know, Christina Kim wore a microphone during the first round of the McDonald’s LPGA Championship. And as expected, it was EPIC – to say the very least. She was paired with Shan Shan Feng and Michelle Wie, and boy, were they the group to watch. Not only was it the most entertaining round of golf I’ve watched on TV, but the three played stellar.

Christina is one of the most animated personalities on Tour, and we had the chance to see more of it than usual today. Despite her colorful language, she managed to keep it PG and SFW.

During today’s round, we heard her say, “I’ve finally matured and I have a very expansive vocabulary. I don’t need to stick to four letter words.” Some of the substitutes she used were pretty priceless, such as “Mother of Pearl!” and “Oh heavens! Bless it!”

I chatted with both Christina and Michelle via BlackBerry Messenger shortly after they finished their round.

Michelle said, “Playing with Christina [while she was mic’d] was fun, interesting, always entertaining.”

I asked Christina what she thought of the experience.

It was great. I’m so damned happy I was given the chance to wear the mike today. I had so much fun and it’s so smunny [smart and funny] to show people what a day inside the ropes is like for me. Welcome to the LPGA!

I’m going to throw it out there and say that she should be mic’d for every tournament. Wait! Breaking news! She just told me that she’ll be wearing a microphone in the second round.

You heard it here first.

Well played, Christina and the LPGA.