What Slump? Was Tiger Ever Even In One?
By Stephanie Wei under General

I said it a few weeks ago and I’m going to say it again: Tiger Woods was NOT in a slump. <Repeat ten times> Look, he had MAJOR surgery on his knee. I’ll wager that those eight months off were the longest time he hadn’t competed since he was, say, 8 years old. And let’s be real, it wasn’t like he hadn’t won a tournament and finished in the top-10 in the other five he’d played this year. Oh wait, he had!

Umm, last time I checked, those results shouldn’t warrant criticism. I get that people wanted to trigger controversy. (Well done, hat tip.) I wonder if they bet against him though – with real money – past, present and future. Probably not. But if so, I’d stay away from whatever kool-aid they were drinking. Just saying.

It was obvious that Tiger hadn’t been bringing his A game. You could clearly see his frustration (he hides it so well). A pissed-off Tiger is one that I wouldn’t want to mess with. In fact, I wouldn’t want to be within a 5 mile radius. Nor would I want to compete against him once he did get his game – and knee – in shape.

Tiger has just made it look so effortless over the years. We expect him to win every tournament. We expect him to be a superhuman day-in and day-out. Guess what? Even though he often achieves the unthinkable, like he did yesterday, he is mortal. Shocking, I know. But, listen, ask any guy on Tour, winning isn’t easy.

I doubt he was ever truly “rattled” by the questions. Slump? Loser? Puh-lease. Sure, he probably wanted to punch the nearest wall, David Feherty, a reporter or two, etc. But he was probably laughing at the same time. I mean, he knows that he’s the best. If I could read TW’s mind, chances are he’s been thinking something like, “Yeah guys, you think you can touch me? Try. I dare you.”

Well, after his win yesterday, his “slump” is completely forgotten. Good ol’ Tiger is “back.” Thank God. Finally. If you couldn’t tell, I was getting really sick of reading those headlines and storylines.

Now, Tiger has two wins under his belt in 2009. He’s going into the U.S. Open at Bethpage Black with his A game, more confidence than usual, and momentum. B-TeeDubs, in case you were wondering what his track record at Bethpage was, it’s good – he won when the Open was last played there in 2002. Watch out!