Christina Kim Will Be Mic’ed In First Round Of LPGA Championship!
By Stephanie Wei under General

Hells yeah! Christina Kim will indeed wear a microphone this upcoming Thursday at the McDonald’s LPGA Championship at Bulle Rock Golf Course.

Can anyone say entertaining? A few weeks ago I joked with Christina about wearing a mike, but I said, “NFSW, perhaps?” She responded, “I don’t know what that means, but probably.”

I have a feeling that this time around, she will be on her best behavior – not to say that she isn’t always, but you know, as golfers, sometimes we let the expletives slip out.

She told me that she was mic’ed in 2005 – the last time she won a tournament (The Mitchell Company Tournament of Champions). So, when the LPGA asked her to do it again, she took the opportunity.

When the PGA tried miking caddies a few months ago, I wrote this piece. In retrospect, it wouldn’t have worked. But I loved the idea. Same thoughts go for the LPGA, except it’s the players (even better) wearing mikes and it will be a success – especially since it’s THE Christina Kim that we’re talking about here. If you follow her on Twitter, then you know what I mean. RAWR!

I asked her for a comment via Blackberry Messenger.

I’m so thrilled that I’m being given the opportunity to share with my fans and followers what goes through my head as i play a tournament. It’s great for the Tour, and a wonderful way to make people see the real me – Because i’m not sure everyone can read my lips. Lol.

You can catch the footage on The Golf Channel, which will air LIVE. It’ll be like you’re there!

GET EXCITED. I sure am.