By Stephanie Wei under General

After the press conference, it was time to play Sahalee. In my opinion, I had the best pairings of the field. I played with Bob Bracht, Jens Bracht and Darren Wallace. Jens and Darren are both members of the University of Washington Men’s Golf Team – the same team that won the Pac-10 Championship and reached the quarterfinals in the NCAA Championship and ranked fourth in the nation this year. In fact, Darren won the Pac-10 individual title. You could say they’re good golfers. Maybe even really good.

I was ready to throw my clubs in the drink after about eight holes ‘cause I was struggling. (No, I’d never actually do such a thing.) It appeared that I’d forgotten how to read greens. So, it helped when Darren and Jens read some of my putts for me. Yippie! Good thing the back nine was a complete turnaround. I don’t think Sahalee would have wanted to be responsible had I never picked up a club again.

Remember what I said about ball placement? On the first hole, I hit my drive in the left-center of the fairway. You’d think good shot, right? Wrong. There was a tree that jutted out a bit – I didn’t have a clear opening to the green or at least I couldn’t attack the pin. I found myself in a similar position quite a few times. It’s frustrating but I’m just going to throw it out there and say I like the challenge…sometimes.

One last thing – I have to thank my buddies from GolfingMyWay.com, Jake Horton and Scott Rasmussen for getting me the invite. I think I lucked out with the excellent pairing because they exaggerated lied told Billy Rodgers, who organized the event, that I was a decent golfer. Key word: Was.

Tip of the hat, guys.