GolfNow.Com Is An Epic Service To Book Tee Times
By Stephanie Wei under General

Have you ever used GolfNow.com? If you haven’t, you should – It could be life changing. It’s a website that has a comprehensive directory of golf courses across the country – more than 16,000, no less!

Say you want to make a tee time in your area, you simply go to the website and choose the location. The directory will point you to different parts of a state and list the golf courses available. Then it brings up different options, including tee times and range of dates, course information, rewards, players club, and the best part is —wait for it— SAVINGS! I think it’s safe to say that rates are at an all time low these days. Golfnow.com makes it very easy to find the best deals at some of the country’s best courses.


At the moment, I’m in Phoenix, Arizona with my clubs. What better time than to try out the service? Obviously, none other. My friend and I decided to play in the afternoon. We browsed around the site and picked a few options for courses, but had we not, we could have just seen all the available tee times. I knew that there were amazing deals, but this was mind-blowing (in a good way, of course). It appeared that it was only $40 to play Talking Stick! Not to shabby, right? Unfortunately there was an outing of some sort, but still, I’d say it was a nice bit of information to keep in mind.

Depending on the circumstances, I’m not always sure of my schedule – there are things such as work that get in the way sometimes. After some serious contemplation, we chose Silverado Golf Course. It took a few clicks and we were confirmed. Mind you, it was only 30 minutes prior to the tee time. When we got there, the clubhouse had the reservation in the computer and we were teeing it up in no time. You gotta love technology these days.

So if you’re not big on planning ahead of time, then it’s not a problem; albeit, there were probably less options available. But if you’re planning a destination trip with a group of buddies and it’s a weekend, holiday, popular golf course, what-have-you, then you’d most likely want to schedule your tee times in advance. Either way, it’s a win-win situation.

Point being, Golfnow.com is straightforward, informative, and downright amazing (like they say in the NBA, it’s where amazing happens – this is something similar for golfers). I’d highly recommend checking it out. Do it now, seriously. Ready. Set. Go!