By Stephanie Wei under General

I’m really torn about the NBA finals. I grew up a die-hard Los Angeles Lakers fan but I have season tickets to Orlando Magic games. Hopefully, it will be a great series.

Tiger Woods

Dear Tiger,

Please stop being such a schmuck. What a dilemma you have! If you grew up a “die-hard” fan, what’s the problem? I. Don’t. Get. It. I know if I had season tickets to the NY Knicks and they were playing against the Sonics (that is, if they still existed) in the NBA Finals – or any game for that matter – there would be NO question who I’d root for! Hands down, the Sonics – being that I’m actually a die-hard fan. Stop being so PC and just pick one for crying out loud.


PS – We know your buddy, President Obama, likes sports. He picked the Lakers in six. Will that sway your vote?