GreenFinder: Golf GPS For Your Phone
By Stephanie Wei under General

Waggle Room’s Ryan Ballengee tested the GreenFinder GPS application last weekend. This is a bit from his review:

As all of you know, I’m a golfer.  As many of you may know, I’m a Blackberry user. What I didn’t realize I was missing was a golf GPS on my phone.  I also didn’t realize that one existed. That changed, though, when I was contacted by the folks at Iterant Software.  They make software for your iPhone or Blackberry device (Android and Windows Mobile forthcoming) called Greenfinder GPS.  The Greenfinder GPS boasts over 10,000 courses that you can access on your phone for $35/year.

Downloading the software was as simple as any other piece of mobile software.  Installation was quick and easy.  Loading the software from my BlackBerry was also simple and flawless.  The software asked me if I would like to use the phone’s internal GPS to determine my location or search for a course in particular.  I chose the internal GPS option.  Greenfinder took about 10 or 15 seconds to find courses near my location and I selected Timbers at Troy – where I played the round I tested this product.  This was a huge advantage over other products that require a user to connect the GPS to a computer via USB cable and download course data files to the product (up to some maximum) from their Web-based service.

Immediately out of the pro shop, Greenfinder found my location relative to the first green.  It gave me the distance to the front center and back of the green on one screen.  With a click into the BlackBerry Storm, I could see the distance to hazards, bunkers, and other objects of note on the hole.

Like Ryan, I’m a golfer and a Blackberry Storm user. I recently downloaded the same program and it was, in fact, easy to install and find or search for courses in your area.

I’m playing this afternoon at Silverado in Scottsdale, AZ- my second round of the year. Considering how sore I am from hitting balls for two hours at TPC Scottsdale yesterday, it should be interesting, to say the least. (What’s the maximum number of Motrin you can take a day? Is 8 too many?) But I am pumped to try out the GreenFinder. I’ve already checked and indeed, Silverado is listed in their directory.

Oh, I’m teeing it up with Shane of Dogs That Chase Cars and FanHouse, who no doubt will probably beat me to a bloody pulp. I know, I know, keep out those negative thoughts. My excuse is that I don’t live in a place where the sun shines 363 out of 365 days a year. Either way, I’m not a fan of losing. Wait! I almost forgot that we’re playing golf – crossing my fingers that I’ll get the good breaks today. Wish me luck.