5 Plot Lines For The Weekend
By Stephanie Wei under General

Let’s all agree it’s been a slow week. I’m not sure what to blame credit it to – Perhaps the start of summer, the four-day week, the NYC tap water, or simply the lack of compelling stories. Well, here’s to a new week and feeling inspired once again. Rather than my usual “Picks,” I’m going to throw out 5 potential plot lines for the weekend.

  • Colonial CC will whimper as the players continue to stomp all over the “soft” greens and break records left and right.
  • The Pink-Out on Saturday will be a success. Will any of the players NOT sport pink? I guarantee that those who don’t wear at least a pink ribbon on their caps will be slammed by the media. Wouldn’t you feel like the biggest jerk if you didn’t? Four words: peer pressure & good cause. I’m putting a watch out on Ian Poulter for best dressed and Rory Sabbatini for worst dressed.
  • Ian Baker-Finch will remind everyone that he’s “a CBS commentator” five more times. Tip of the hat to Finchy for shooting a 4-under-par 68 on Thursday and for simply playing (the last time he played on Tour was in 2001). Too bad he fired a 78 (which isn’t exactly shabby considering he hadn’t competed in eight years) the next round to MC. Apparently he couldn’t keep out the “negative thoughts.” But I have a feeling that Finchy was thinking, “Thank God, I broke 90! Two days in a row, no less! Beers on me.”
  • Everyone will be talking, writing and tweeting about what John Daly wears this weekend. I’m just going to throw this out there and say it’s going to be LOUD and very pink.
  • Sean O’Hair will shoot a 59 if he can manage to get his putter rolling. He’s only missed ONE green in regulation so far this week, but he’s taken 31 putts each day. If he keeps up these stats, let’s just say I’ll be surprised if his putter is intact at the end of Sunday’s round.

No bogeys this weekend. Have a good one!