Sergio Garcia Explains His Woes
By Stephanie Wei under General

You may have been wondering, what’s wrong with Sergio Garcia’s game? He’s been struggling a bit this season – his best finish was T-13 at the Honda Classic. But, he is still the fourth best player in the world, which isn’t exactly shabby.

Nonetheless, once again, Serg has an excuse explanation. It appears that he was heartbroken. Considering the timing, perhaps it explains this debacle. Naw, it was just Sergio being Sergio.

But I digress. Professional athletes have feelings too (like he showed here). He confesses that his recent break-up with Greg Norman’s daughter, Morgan-Leigh, distracted him from his enthusiasm for the game and practice routine.

I haven’t been hitting the ball well. I think it’s been a mix of probably being a little bit down and not really feeling like playing much. Obviously your head is not in the right place and you’re not thinking the right things, and that affects your game because your mentality is not where it should be.

That’s fair. I can empathize with that, as I think everyone can. It’s never easy to get over a long-term relationship – or any other personal problem for that matter – no doubt it’ll have a negative impact on a player’s focus both on and off the golf course. However, I’ve heard there are other ways to channel stressful and emotional situations. You know, like yoga, therapy, gurus, drinking, Vegas, etc. And I’m sure there’s a long waiting list of ladies that would be more than happy to be his rebound date him (get on that, Golf Girl!).

On the bright side, Sergio’s heart and game are looking up.

I definitely feel much better, happier on the course, and I’m definitely more looking forward to playing than maybe I was a month or two ago.

That’s good news. For the sake of Sergio, fans and golf, let’s hope he gets his act together.