Anthony Kim & Adam Scott Like Beers and Babes More Than Golf
By Stephanie Wei under General

It’s Memorial Day weekend! Most of us, myself included, are celebrating the start of summer, but there is still a golf tournament being played. That’s right, it’s the HP Byron Nelson Classic, where you’ll find not only great golf, but plenty of beer guzzling as well.

Quite a few of the guys expected to make a run for the trophy this week missed the cut, including defending champion Adam Scott. At this point, you could say he’s on a streak – that’d be the MC kind of one. Scott has missed SIX cuts in a row.

It appears that Anthony Kim is looking to join the same club. He’s missed two cuts in a row. You could say his game is looking more and more like Tiger’s – you know, errant tee shots in the woods and missed opportunities. However, the difference is that AK’s not managing to still finish in the top 10 every appearance. Compared to his stellar play in 2008, AK only has one top-ten and three top-25 finishes this season. I can’t help but ask, is the bling holding him down? Just saying.

Well, the good news for Scott, AK and the others who aren’t seeing weekend play, they’ll be a slew of boozing and ladies to keep them busy.