Gimme Gimme Gimme: GOLF!
By Stephanie Wei under General

While I was at Sybase, I was out of the loop on the other happenings in the golf world. Good thing I can rely on fellow golf bloggers/writers to keep me posted. Here are a few links from around the interwebs this past week:

  • Can anyone say publicity stunt? Briny Baird won us all some free terrible faux Chinese food, courtesy of PF Chang’s!!! OMG!!! Thanks, but I’ll pass – not a fan of acid reflux, indigestion or food poisoning. [Devil Ball Golf]
  • The High School golf team from The Brunswick School took a private jet to a golf tournament last week. There was just too much traffic! Oh, you might ask (as I did), where was the tournament? Wait for it—FISHER’S ISLAND. How fitting. (To my friends who went to Brunswick, I still love you.) [Golf FanHouse]
  • Teen phenom Rory Mcilroy’s “critical” comments about the Ryder Cup has stirred up a frenzy among the press. Let’s be real – it’s not like what he said was blasphemous. Give the kid a break. [Waggle Room]
  • It’s no surprise that the media room at Sybase was male dominated. Usually, I enjoy the 9:1 male to female ratio. But I agree that this needs to change. In related news, I had a nice chat with Patricia there one afternoon. Indeed, we were the only ladies. [Golf Girl’s Diary]
  • “Drive for show, putt for dough” – a common golf adage. Fact. The Armchair Golfer wrote a piece about the secret formula to make putts. It’s a must read. [Armchair Golfer]
  • If you thought you had to watch out for Bill Murray’s errant shots, then you haven’t seen Charles Barkley’s recent golf outing. Pack a hockey helmet if you’re within a mile radius when Barkley steps up to the tee. [Dogs That Chase Cars]