Friday Was A Good Day
By Stephanie Wei under General

I went back out to Clifton, New Jersey for the second round of the LPGA Sybase Classic. In case you were wondering, I didn’t get lost this time. I try to learn from my mistakes. Earlier this week, I mentioned that I had a great time watching Paige play in the Pro-Am. And like I told Ryan yesterday, I felt that the energy seemed really positive – even before the tournament had officially started.

The vibe was unreal today. I had an incredible time, and I think the same goes for 99.98% of the crowd. The course was packed with the finest golfers in the world, along with enthusiastic fans, friends and family – not to mention quite a few of Clifton’s finest police officers. I felt safe. You just never know when there might be some overzealous fans that get a little rowdy after they’ve had one (or a dozen) too many beers – and do something crazy like attempt to break into the Ladies’ Locker Room. I mean, golf is a gentlemen’s sport, right?

This happened. So did this. And this and that.

Great golf + Great weather + Great old friends + Great video interviews = WIN.

In other news, I met Patricia Hannigan of Golf Girl’s Diary today! She is just as sweet in real life as she is via the interwebs.

Shane Bacon of Dogs That Chase Cars had a contest to give away a copy of Carl Hiaasen’s The Downhill Lie. He asked readers to email him their best story of golf frustration and he’d pick his favorite. Today, he announced the winner. Here’s the kicker—wait for it—it just so happens to be my friend, Tom! I didn’t know that Tom had sent Shane a story and Shane didn’t know Tom was a friend of mine. Pure coincidence, no joke – that is, unless he was the only person that made a submission. Anyway, I highly recommend you read the anecdote – It’s hilarious and very well-written.