By Stephanie Wei under General

This is a photo of Paige Mackenzie’s Pro-Am group at the LPGA Sybase Classic at the Upper Montclair CC in Clifton, New Jersey yesterday. I spent the day walking with them – well, the back nine at least. I showed up a little later than planned. I don’t want to talk about it. Fine, since you asked…I got lost. I’m smart.

Once I finally got there, I had a great time – even just as a spectator. I really enjoy being around competitive golf (and golfers) again. Go figure. And I got to see some stellar golf. Paige’s group shot 57, 15-under-par!

It was awesome watching Paige play again (it’d been a while). Her swing looks sharp and she’s hitting the ball incredibly well. No joke. I’m not being biased. Her drives were straight as an arrow, not to mention, striped!

I have to say that Paige is the epitome of how a player should interact with the sponsors during a Pro-Am. That’s just part of her personality though (if you haven’t been able to gather that from the videos). She’s charming, engaging and dynamic. I can’t imagine anyone walking away from a round with Paige who didn’t have a positive experience.

I’ll be back in Clifton on Friday – watching some of my old friends from junior and college golf compete and catching up with them. I just realized that my assistant coach  at Yale, Heather Daly-Donofrio is playing in the tournament as well!

GET EXCITED. And stay tuned for more updates.