Rah Rah It’s A Holiday!
By Stephanie Wei under General

That’s right, it’s National Golf Day!

I even broke out my pom-poms from my high school cheerleading days. (Yeah, I was a cheerleader – I know, I know, it’s a bit embarrassing but I’m in a over sharing mood.)

In light of the holiday, several of golf’s head honchos, such as PGA of America President, Jim Remy and Joe Sterenka, PGA of America CEO, met with very important politicians in Washington DC today. Hmm..I wonder if they scored a meeting with President Obama – We’ve already seen that he likes golf. Seriously speaking though, they discussed the positive economic, environmental and human impacts golf has across the country. And, they asked that golf be treated equally when Congress sanctions legislations related to the economic stimulus.

You could say that golf is a country club sport or “hobby,” and it doesn’t deserve the same consideration as “more important” businesses – like, say the auto and banking industries and real estate market. That’s fair. But, golf DOES in fact have a positive effect on the economy.

I bet you didn’t know these stats (via email from Jake Rosen of Sports Media Challenge):

  • The golf industry provides jobs to over 2 million people in the US, with a total wage income of $61 million
  • The golf industry raises approximately $3.5 BILLION for charitable causes every year
  • Golfers have created programs like First Tee, which impacts the lives of young people by providing learning facilities and education programs
  • Nearly half of all golf courses increased their acreage of nature/natura/unmowed areas by an average of ten acres between 1996 and 2005.


So, show your support for the game and sign this petition. It only takes a minute. Ready, set, GO.