By Stephanie Wei under General

I just think that Tiger [Woods] deserves a little chance to get up to speed after coming back from such a major surgery and not playing for eight months […] He has come back from certainly one of the worst surgeries that an athlete could have and played very well.

Hank Haney, Tiger’s swing coach on his “slump’

Seriously, give him a break. I’m not even a huge Tiger fan. So when I am irked by the media’s onslaught of scrutiny over his game, then it must be unwarranted. I’d hardly say that he’s been struggling (well, maybe for his standards). Sure, he’s been spraying the ball left and right, missing birdie putts he’d normally drain with his eyes closed, and “choking.” OMG, the apocalypse is coming! Listen, people – It’s not like he hasn’t won a tournament and finished in the top-10 in the other five he’s played since his comeback. Yeah, the guy really sucks. Stop the hate…for now. Tiger’s NOT done. I have a feeling he’ll be back soon enough – bigger, badder and better than ever.