Shane Bacon Is A Man Of Many Talents
By Stephanie Wei under General

You probably know Shane Bacon as one of the best golf bloggers around the net. But, did you know he’s a pretty good golfer as well? I’ll let you in on a little known secret—he is! Yesterday, Shane played in the U.S. Open Qualifier in Tuscon. No big deal.

Did he qualify? Unfortunately, no. But, do yourself a favor and check out the piece he wrote about his experience here. Take it from me – it’s worth the read!

Missing the cut isn’t really the important part. He gave it a run (which is more than I can say for myself these days). And let’s be real—It’s waaaay harder than most may think. Especially when you haven’t played tournament golf in a while. (Shane has an important day job writing entertaining and witty blog posts here and here.) Listen guys, the U.S. Open qualifiers are tough – you’re up against the pros on the Tours as well as some of the best amateurs in the country. I can only imagine how deep the field was at the qualifier in Arizona.

And, Shane has other talents! It looks like all those kegstands in college helped him tune-up his game…if it were ever to become an Olympic sport (at this rate it may beat out Golf for consideration), he’d win hands-down. Or, perhaps he should consider a career in the circus if all else fails. Just look at that showmanship on display in the picture!