Before We Get Over the David Feherty Controversy, A Few Last Words…
By Stephanie Wei under General

By now, you’ve most likely heard about David Feherty’s morbid comment that was directed at Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. I responded to it on Saturday after I read about it in the Huff Post. Since then, the PGA Tour and CBS Sports issued pressers distancing themselves as far as possible from Feherty’s comment(s).

And then yesterday, Feherty finally made his own statement:

This passage was a metaphor meant to describe how American troops felt about our 43rd president. In retrospect, it was inappropriate and unacceptable, and has clearly insulted Speaker Pelosi and Senator Reid, and for that, I apologize. As for our troops, they know I will continue to do as much as I can for them both at home and abroad.

Can anyone say publicist? I wonder who drafted that one for him. That’s besides the point. Yes, Feherty meant for it to be a comical “metaphor.” Yes, he didn’t mean to offend anyone. I’m sure tons of people got a kick out of it (liberals included). But, he should have erred on the side of caution. You know when they say “think before you speak”? Well, the same goes for writing. He had the time to read it over (and over) and edit what he had wrote, but apparently he saw no problem with the “metaphor.” With that said, I’m pretty much over it. I feel like I’m beating a dead horse by even writing this (but I am).

Luckily for Feherty, he still has his job. And, even luckier, it just so happens that the White House Correspondent’s Dinner was on Saturday. Have you seen Wanda Syke’s performance or should I say roast? Well, I have. She made a joke that Rush Limbaugh hopes “America fails” and used a “metaphor,” calling him a terrorist on Oxycotin. And here’s the kicker, President Obama, God forbid, LAUGHED at the joke.

It goes without saying that Sykes would be and is under tough scrutiny by the Conservatives (and even a few Liberals). But, listen, it’s a ROAST, people! I’ll admit it, I giggled once or twice – I mean, how can you not pertaining to anything about Limbaugh.

Anyway, when I watched it, I couldn’t help comparing it to the Feherty debacle. You could say that Feherty had the same intention that Sykes did. It was a joke. But, the difference is that everyone knows that Sykes is a comedian and the humor was meant to be below the belt. Unfortunately for Feherty (as he said so himself), he’s an “F-list” celebrity, and unless you follow golf, you’re not going to be familiar with his zany sense of humor. And, it’s more difficult to get across a joke (or “metaphor”) in print than it is in a stand-up act.

But, in Feherty’s defense, the country did criticize and mock President Bush and the Conservatives for 8 years. Now, when anyone scrutinizes President Obama or the Democratic Party, people immediately get defensive. That’s not fair. It’s politics, people. It works both ways.

With that said, Feherty will speak (or should I say write) with more caution next time around. I have a feeling that he’ll be steering clear of politics for a while. This week, he’ll be back to what he does best –  making witty and entertaining commentary on GOLF.