Gimme Gimme Gimme…GOLF!
By Stephanie Wei under General

Here are some of my favorite links seen around the inter-webs over the past week:

  • Tiger Woods, why are you such a loser?! You’re not like, the best in the world or anything. But, I have to say, tip of the hat to Interviewer David Feherty for having the balls guts to go there. I’d imagine that Tiger’s reaction after the fact went something like: F-bombs, putter throw, wall-punch – in that order. [Dogs That Chase Cars]
  • In case you haven’t heard, Twitterati has officially hit the PGA/LPGA Tours with full force. You might ask, which pros have the best tweeting skillz. Esteemed Twitter professors, Hack and GolfWriterGuy, gave them their final grades. [NiceBallz]
  • No doubt almost every professional sport has their share of trash-talking bad boys. And, well, that’s just not allowed in golf ‘cause it ain’t proper – God forbid you slam another player. But, if you were pick ‘em, who would they be? [Waggle Room]
  • Hey guys, check your ego at the clubhouse. You might save some balls if you play from the proper tees. We promise not to judge. [Golf Girl’s Diary]
  • Brandon Tucker brought to my attention that the 2013 British Open will be held at Muirfield in East Lothian, Scotland. Punchline: they don’t allow women members! OMG, I’m totally boycotting. [Twitter]