LPGA: This Is How We Do It! (See Below For Instructions)
By Stephanie Wei under General

I came across the Golf Girl’s post on Overcoming the Catch-22 in Women’s Golf: “You can’t build the fan base without coverage, and you can’t get coverage without the fan base.” She made very valid points that I completely agree with. As a female golfer and avid fan, I found this very thought-provoking. The LPGA needs to broaden its fan base and New Media is and will be the means to expedite this.

However, looking back, other male-dominated sports have done so without the advantage of new technology. With that said, the LPGA should follow in the footsteps of how Women’s Tennis has tremendously grown over the past ten years. This is how we do it:

At the same time as the Williams sisters were becoming household names, Anna Kournikova brought the sex appeal to Women’s Tennis – which generated more viewers to the game. Let’s be real, the Williams sisters didn’t do it on their own. Anna Kournikova had her 15 minutes of fame and then the jig was up! She never won a major title. Instead, she married Julio Iglesias’ son (WEI to go). She may not have been a good tennis player. She may not have won any major titles. But, she opened the door – Kournikova was the tipping point for Women’s Tennis.

Enter Maria Sharapova – a legitimately good tennis player (3 time Grand Slam Champion) with personality, looks and actual skillz. Sharapova is the face of Canon. And, now she is also the new face of Cole Haan. She is styled by the top Hollywood stylist, Rachel Zoe. She frequents movie premieres. She sits front row at Fashion Week. She is everywhere.

Where is the Maria Sharapova of golf? With the young batch of talented, attractive and charming LPGA Tour players, I know that she’s out there. Note to agents: get to work – “Show me the money!”